Palm Springs Wings Chapter 1116

Palm Springs, Bermuda Dunes, Thermal, Big Bear, CA

June Chapter Message

June 10, 2017  EAA Chapter 1116

Nels E. Carlson

Presidents Message:


June 17ths general meeting will be the last until September 16th, so please participate and bring your thoughts on current issues for discussion and direction of our chapter. One of the items is our meeting times and dates and the type meeting which can provide more participation and interests. This will be a subject matter on the meeting agenda.

Co-dos to our two members Marty and Arlene for their presentation of our Eagle Program to the Palm Desert Rotary. A friend attended and gave great complements on their presentation and the offer for a visit to Thermal Airport in September for member’s introduction to aircraft.   This is great stuff, new program for chapter, I'm in hopes Arlene and Marty can provide more detail at the general meeting.

Rafael Sierra CFI did update his CVYAP (program) at our Board meeting and the information will be a subject at our general meeting, for future chapter activity and participation.

Oshkosh EAA annual airshow and event will be July 21st to July 29th and hope some of you plan on attending. Douglas Hay and I have plans to attend July 22 to July 27th and will provide a report at September’s meeting and hope to see some of you at the event.

June 16th at 7 AM Roger Ward, Arlene Wohlgemuth and I will provide a Young Eagle flight for 12 students, girls and boys. This is a chapter event and with Rogers and Arlene help with the flights and Rogers providing the EAA paper work and my securing the students and insurance we are ready to go! I'll provide a report at our general meeting.

A reminder the nominating committee will be established at our September meeting with election of officer in November.  So, start thinking of your interest in serving as an officer of our chapter, bringing new enthusiasm and ideas for a biannual term starting in 2018.

EAA chapter Eagle credits expire at year end. Roger has been flying many Eagle flights and has credited our chapter and a review should be made prior to end year so the chapter has full credit for these efforts.

You-all have a great summer and see you in September if not sooner.

Be Safe,

Signing off for now, President Carlson



New Members

Welcome new members: Kurt Languirand !!!!!



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